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The Pilot Plant for Desalination and Water Treatment


News In Media

Hayadan: Nov. 1st. 2010

KAN-NAIM SITE : Nov. 1st. 2010

The Department of Desalination and Water Treatment has recently begun operating a pilot plant for desalination and water treatment, located on the Sede-Boqer Campus.

The Pilot Plant can be used to test, simulate and demonstrate different aspects of processes for the treatment of water and wastewater on a semi-industrial scale. These processes include:

  • Desalination (seawater, brackish water, wastewater, etc.)

  • Upgrading industrial and municipal wastewater for reuse and recycling

  • Minimization of effluents (approaching ZLD - Zero Liquid Discharge)

  • Pre-treatment and preparation of difficult to treat effluents for downstream treatment processes

  • Separation and recovery of valuable components from waste and process streams

The pilot plant is also intended for use as a teaching and training aid for our students and for personnel from any industry related to water treatment, desalination or effluent treatment.
The pilot plant is equipped with test units for carrying out the following unit operations:

  • Reverse Osmosis / Nanofiltration at high pressure (up to 80 bars)

  • Reverse Osmosis / Nanofiltration at low pressure (up to 20 bars)
    (Both of these facilities are designed to use commercial modules of 2" and 4" spiral wound membranes)

  • A ZENON ultra-filtration (Hollow Fiber) unit for simulating MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) processes

  • Micro-filtration

  • Ozonation

  • Electrodialysis

  • Adsorption and Ion-Exchange

  • Wind Assisted Intensified Evaporation (WAIV) - an innovative evaporation technology

  • Sand filtration

Other facilities can be constructed when needed. Most of the equipment is transportable and can be placed and operated at different locations in order to carry out field tests.

The Department of Desalination and Water Treatment consists of a team of highly experienced scientists and engineers, specializing in membrane-based as well as other separation and desalination processes. Their work is supported by advanced research and analytical laboratories.


Services to industry offered by the Pilot Plant
The pilot plant is intended to serve and support the water treatment industry. It enables companies to test and evaluate methods for improving the performance of existing processes as well as to support and simulate innovative ideas.

It is targeted to support R&D aimed at conserving the environment and saving valuable resources, mainly - water.


Selected on-going projects include:


Client /Country

Radium removal from drinking water in the southern Arava


Reduction of scale-formation in washing machines


Treatment of textile wastewater

Kitan Dimona

The pilot-plant facilities were also used to support active research projects of the Department of Desalination and Water Treatment staff. Among them:



Researcher / Comments

The "flow reversal" process

Reducing scale formation in desalination reverse-osmosis membranes

Dr. Jack Gilron


Wind Assisted Intensified Evaporation

Dr. Jack Gilron

Zero Liquid Discharge in Desalination

A BMBF supported project

Prof. Yoram Oren


A research project, initiated by the staff of the pilot plant, proved the concept of a novel enhanced desupersaturation method for desalination concentrates as a pretreatment for further desalination steps.

Selected expected projects for 2008 are:


Client /Country

Separation of poisonous compounds from wastewate


Construction of an industrial-scale pilot plant for wastewater reduction

"Makhteshim", in collaboration with "Nirosoft"

Wastewater treatment for the company Bromine Compounds

company at the Ramat Hovav Negev Industrial Park.





Prof. Jack Gilron

Head of the Department
Tel: +972-8-6596859


Eng. Dov Eden

Manager of the Pilot Plant
Tel: +972-8-6563535