Prof. Jack Gilron
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Last updated: December 16, 2013
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Dept. of Desalination & Water Treatment

Academic Education


B.A.    Chemistry, Brandeis Univ. (1974),

M.Sc. Phys. Chem. , Cornell Univ. (1977), 

D.Sc. Chem. Eng., Technion- Israel Inst. of Technology (1987)


Areas of interests
Professional activity has been associated with finding new opportunities for introducing membrane technology in industry and in understanding and solving problems that can sometimes complicate their use. An ongoing effort was begun under an EC project using micellar enhanced ultrafiltration to remove halogenated hydrocarbons from saline wastewater and continued under a Israel Ministry of Science Infrastructure project working on contaminated groundwater. 
Scaling by inorganic materials can limit the recovery from desalination of brackish water and municipal wastewater.  Worked on developing a new process to increase recovery by using flow reversal to prevent precipitation of sparingly soluble salts by zeroing the induction time (together with Prof. E. Korin of Chem. Eng. Dept.).  Together with other members of the DWTR he is studying membrane biofouling in desalination and other forms of drinking and wastewater treatment, and in developing new hybrid processes to attain near zero-liquid discharge in desalination processes.   Recently he began collaborating with Prof. K. Sirkar of NJIT to study the potential problem of scaling and biofouling in membrane distillation.    

Disposal of the brine left over from desalination processes can add significantly to the costs of inland desalination (5-33%), mainly due to the costs of brine evaporation pond construction. 

Part of the team that came up with a wind driven method (termed WAIV) to increase the evaporation rate from holding ponds without the concomitant risk of drop dispersal associated with spray enhanced evaporation. 



Scaling and fouling:  characterization and prevention in membrane processes, High recovery desalination processes and processes for reduction of brine volumes, Recovery of chemicals and water from wastewater by membrane processes, Transport in membrane processes



Ben Gurion Univ., Sr. Scientist (1997-present); Adj. Prof. Env. Engineering Unit, (2005-present)
Carbon Membranes Ltd., Chief Technologist (1992-1997), 
Membrane Products Kiryat Weizmann, Sr. Scientist (1986-1992),
Nalco Chem. Company, scientist (1978-82);

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