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B.Sc. 1968-1970 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Department of Biology and The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Department Of Life Sciences, Biology.
M. Sc. 1970 -1972 (with distinction) BGU, Beer Sheva, Department Of Biology and The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Department Of Life Sciences, Plant Physiology.
Advisors: Prof. H. Lips & Dr. N. Bejerano.
Title of Thesis: Studies on the induction of nitrate reductase by nitrite.
Ph.D. 1972-1979 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Department, and BGUv, Beer Sheva Department. Plant Physiology.
Advisors: Prof. A. M. Mayer & Prof. H. Lips.
Title of Thesis: Control of nitrate reduction in higher plants.


Areas of interest:

Microbial aspects of water pollution; developing cost-effective and feasible biotechnologies for removing pollutants from water; the biological processes leading to removal and or detoxification of toxic heavy metals from contaminated wastewater by microalgae; the effect of global change, mainly the effect of increasing CO2 concentration on vegetation, using Azolla-Anabaena symbiosis as a model system.

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